Asset-Backed Bond with Fixed Returns up to 15% Over 1-3 Years

Bringing you a diverse range of alternative investments currently being marketed worldwide.


Fixed Rate Between 6% - 15%


Fixed Term Between 1 - 3 years


Fully Asset Backed Investment


Low Entry Level of £10,000

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Investment Benefits

The Bond is a high yield debt instrument, that offers investors a fixed return 6-15% PA over a 1 – 3 year period.

All Investments offered have been approved by an FCA company in compliance with FSMA

Another great benefit is that the investment can be payed on a quarterly basis to top up your current income.

Finally, safety and security is pertinent therefore this bond is fully asset-backed. Meaning you have first legal charge over all assets valued at a total of £216 million.


Fixed Returns

Fixed returns between 6% – 15%


Fixed Terms

Fixed term between 1 – 3 years

Asset Backed

Fully asset backed for security


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We bring you a diverse range of commercial investments currently being marketed worldwide. Our aim is to bridge the gap between private investors and reputable investment companies by offering high quality investment opportunities across as many different asset classes that we can find.

We introduce clients to investment opportunities that are issued by companies seeking investment. The companies seeking investment offer debt instruments or equity to investors. The debt Instruments are typically bonds, debentures or loan notes.

We are honest and transparent in our dealings with clients, colleagues and partners. We work very hard to earn and keep clients trust and confidence. We believe in true active management and avoid indexing.

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